1. All kinds of personal belongings except notebook are supposed to be kept in the property counter at the entrance.
  2. Silence must be maintained inside the library.
  3. Mobile phone in silent/vibration mode only is permissible.
  4. Edibles are strictly prohibited inside the library except drinking water.
  5. Member shall not smoke or spite in any part of the library.
  6. While browsing books, no book should be replaced by the user on the stack themselves.
  7. Books once picked out from the stack should be left in the reading table if not issued out.
  8. The physical condition of the book should be checked while checking out. Mutilation of pages if found is to be brought to the notice of the circulation in- charge. Otherwise, the borrower himself/herself shall be responsible for mutilation of the book if detected afterwards.
  9. Underlining, writing, marking, folding of pages, etc. in the book is strictly prohibited.
  10. Violation of the library rules, members shall loss membership of the library.
  11. The library in-charge-reserves the right to suspend membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.
  12. The members caught tearing of pages/stealing books or otherwise mutilating books will be suspended forthwith from using library facilities and further disciplinary action will be initiated against him/her by authority, Dudhnoi College.
  13. Please drop any suggestion, complaints in the readers’ suggestion box or contact the librarian.
  14. No Objection Certificate (NOC) or Library Clearance Certificate: A No Objection Certificate / Library Clearance Certificate may be issued to members only on returning of all the borrowed books and clearing his/her dues if any for any official purpose
  15. Rs.1.00 will be charged per book per day for all categories if book is not returned within the due date.


  1. The privilege of borrowing books from the library is restricted to the registered members only.
  2. Student members must come to the library personally and give his/her library Card at the circulation counter at the time of book transaction.
  3. Membership of a student shall remain valid for whole semesters of the course.
  4. The library staff may recall any book from member at any time.
  5. Renewal of books on loan: The books lent out to a member may be renewed again provided the books are not reserved by other users.
  6. Reservation of Book: A member may reserve one book if the copy is issued by any other member (except faculty member)and when the book will be returned by the borrower the reserver in priority 1 st will be issued and if the book is not taken within 3days priority will be shifted to 2 nd and so on.
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The college library is situated within the academic campus of the college. There are more than 20,000 Nos volumes covering all the subjects, including books of general knowledge and reference.In addition to this, the college has subscribe to N-List where more than 1,99,500 e-books and above 6000+ journals are freely available for both students and faculties.  Libraries provides adequates and appropriate seating arrangement tor the users for effective use of  the library resources. But, there are ample scope for further development of the library. The new library building with 24 hours of power supply through solar energy is almost ready. The interior works is going on and within this academic session, the shifting of the library from the old location to the new one will take place with total upgradation including computerisation with latest software.The library opens for students and teachers in all working days from 9 am to 4 pm . The college library rules are framed in keeping with University Library Rules and books are catalogued as Dewy Decimal Classification System. Computerization of the college library has been done with "Koha Integrated Library Management System" on cloud.

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